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engineering procurement construction and repair oil and gas pipelines insulation of pipelines welding earthworks repair of power equipment development and operation of wells quality control project management learning specialists delivery and sale of hydrocarbons


1. Projecting of:

  • - medium/low pressure pipelines
  • - Gas supply systems for industrial enterprises, agricultural enterprises, enterprises of public services, boilers, thermoelectric power station, heat and power plants, hydroelectric power plant, houses, administrative and public buildings.

2. Project engineering

  • - Design of initial permissive documentation
  • - Coordination of development of all types of the Project Documentation for gas pipelines construction
  • - Organization of projectorsĺ activity
  • - Approval of project documentation;
  • - Preparation and justification of the estimates;
  • - Work with engineering supervisions, etc.

3. Technological and construction engineering

  • - Technical supervision of construction
  • - Organization of construction management
  • - Organization of construction works, etc.
  • - Delivery of the completed projects to the state acceptance commission
  • - The acquisition of technical terms

The Company due to its hardware and software equipment has implemented following works:

  • Technical certification of existing systems of oil and gas transportation
  • Creation and monitoring of geographic information systems of pipelines
  • Implementation of GIS systems for technical monitoring and management of pipelines and facilities
  • Estimation, selection, procurement and supply of the stuff and equipment
  • Maintenance and field supervision of the projects
  • Development of the specification for individual equipment kinds and operational facilities regulation
  • Participation into equipment acceptance and its commissioning that includes personnel training
  • Consulting services
  • Techno-economic investigations, expert opinions and investment projects validation
  • Development of the business projects that are based on UNIDO methodology
  • Participation in Ď└ĐIS-IN╬G└Ď┼ programs

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